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Gothic RPG on your netbook

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Gothic RPG on your netbookNetbook Gamer reader Mathew lets us know about Gothic, a decent 3rd person RPG in a similar vein to Morrowind. Gothic works well on netbooks, even on high settings, but can occasionally get a bit choppy when there`s some heavy action. Continue Reading


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plancescape torment

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Planescape: Torment

A good old traditional RPG game, scored very well upon its release (scoring well for both gameplay and audio design) however it didnt have the commercial success it perhaps deserved! Due to the low specs reuired at the time of its development, this game will run very well on your Netbook, making it perhaps one of the best netbook rpg’s you can find! Continue Reading

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New Worlds Ateraan

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New Worlds Ateraan

New Worlds Ateraan In an internet flooded with 3D Graphics and fast paced games there exists an online MMORPG that *gasp* has no graphics, no sound, and yet holds by far the best roleplaying found on the internet. It is called a TORG or Text Only Roleplaying Game. What is a TORG and why is it so exclusive that it is like that secret small resturaunt you find and keep the location from all but your closest friends? The answer is here: http://www.ateraan.com/tutorial/torg.html A TORG (or some you might have heard of MUD or Multi User Dungeon) is the epic novel in a plethora of 3D Movies…. Continue Reading

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ZanzarahGerman Netbooker Rudi informs us of this neet looking adventure game.

Developer Funatics’ game Zanzarah is very similar to Nintendo’s popular monster-trading game Pok√©mon. In that game, and in this one, you collect small creatures and then train them to do battle with other small creatures, but in Zanzarah, you collect fairies instead of monsters, and you fight battles that resemble those in a first-person shooter. Continue Reading

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Impossible Creatures on Netbook

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Impossible Creatures

Impossible Creatures on NetbookRyan Amalfitano points out this splendid looking RTS. Impossible Creatures is an RTS game with a unique twist: All of your units are created by you personally. The Creature Creator allows the player to combine two animals from a pretty long list and tailor them to whatever they may need, then take them into the fight against opponents. It has a semi-long campaign and online support, as well as a free expansion pack and a variety of mods developed by the fan base. Continue Reading

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Deus Ex

One of the single best fps’s that I have ever played. Combining both Fps and RPG elements to create one ultra-game. Deus Ex revolutionised the FPS genre by introducing in game inventory, weapon upgrades and a leveling up system. This Game was named best game of all time in Pc Gamer’s top 100 Pc games and was nominated for a whole mess of game of the year awards. You play as Jc Denton, a biologically enhanced super agent who’s job is to eliminate all terrorist forces in the year 2050. This game almost never has any framerate issues as it runs off a similar engine to the original half-life. – Connor Etchells


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