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Minecraft free netbook gameThanks to Fredrik Sævland for this good looking RPG…

This is a true, cheap, addictive and awesome RPG-game made by one independent person! You are in a gigantic (8 times size of the earth) world which are generated as you explore, so the map will always be different every time you play! In this world you must mine ores, craft tools and build yourself a shed to hide away from the merciless monsters that roam at nightfall. Build a gigantic castle or mine an epic cave, play alone or join other players in multiplayer! Though this game is simple, it still is epic! This game is highly addictive! You may think that the game look poorly made and the graphics are terrible, but once you buy the game for 9.95€, you can say goodbye to all social life, World of Warcraft and family, cause you are slaying zombies and building on your castle! The game in constantly under development and are per date in a very early release, so you can expect a whole lot more over the time! The game consists of two parts, the Classic and the Alpha! The classic is a regular sandbox and the Alpha is the RPG! Alpha is half price until beta, and if you strike now you pay 9.95€ and most of your life for this epic game!

Some confusion on running Minecraft. Its seems to change as the game is updated, Beta 1.7 will run on a basic Netbook, but since V1.8 you really do need a good amount of RAM and a better Graphics card. Be carefull with this one it will run ok  with either Nvidia or ATI graphics but forget about running it on Intel graphics I`m afraid! 
Hardware:Almost all hardware, runs on Java
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  1. Melayahm Says:


    I tried running the classic version on my Samsung NC10, and it was laggy as hell! I only got about 2fps. Is it not up to the job, or do I need to fiddle with something? (I’m not very technically minded), or does the nwer version run faster anyway?

  2. blah blah Says:

    I’ve been experimenting with running Minecraft Beta 1.8 on a Lenovo s10 netbook. (not the s10-2, but the first-run s10).

    1) You have to first strip down your WinXP or Win7 install to bare-bones…tweak off all unnecessary services, turn off Aero, etc.

    2) B/c minecraft doesn’t have a built-in screen resolution resizer, you have to manually resize the screen to 800×600 (or whatever smallest res you can get…the smaller the better). The graphics in MC will look the same regardless, b/c they’re low-res, but by dropping your screen res, you remove unneccessary GPU processing.

    3) It helps to have 2gb RAM in the little ‘book. Set up a .bat file to fire off minecraft using commandline like “java -xmx1024m minecraft.jar” or such (you’ll need to google it). This sets aside a specific amount of memory for MC to use while playing.

    4) turn off all unnecessary proc’s…and by that I mean like everything. Turn off anti-virus, bit-torrent…make your task bar look like a ghost town. When I’m running MC, the only icons I see are my battery readout, wifi readout, and sound icon. That’s it. Strip it all down, b/c MC will need the horsepower & RAM.

    5) Try tweaking your gfx settings further. Most netbooks have the intel 900/950 integrated graphics. You can get gmabooster to turn it from 166mhz to 400mhz (don’t really notice much with this, but you might). Go into the 3D settings and flip them to the bare minimum…eg: flip vs. blit, turn off anisotropic filtering, force 16-bit depth on everything, etc.

    6) Try overclocking your ‘book some. You might be able to do so via the BIOS, or like Asus utilities like CPU-Z. Don’t over-do it. Bumping from 1.6 to 1.8 should be do’able w/o burning up your chip.

    7) Be sure your power settings are such so that you’re running at max performance, not power-saver or such. I keep my ‘book “docked” (plugged in) on my desk most of the time, and have it set so when it’s on wall power it runs at max everything, and when I unplug it it goes into battery power saver mode. You can easily do this in the Windows XP or 7 power settings. (you don’t need third-party bloatware to do this…uninstall most of the crap the OEM installed on your ‘book…it’s just redundant crap that does stuff Windows already does.)

    8) if you really want to get tight, you can turn off your wifi and switch off that service, too … you could switch off the audio services, too (may be a little extreme for some folks).

    With all said and done, I can eek out 6-8 fps on normal view setting, even in MC 1.8. And that’s before overclocking. I have yet to experiment with OC’ing (since there’s debate on whether it will actually make that big of a difference). I didn’t seem to notice much difference using GMABooster, but you can try it. Most folks just have too much crap running on their netbook, as if it’s a laptop or desktop. Trim that stuff down, and make your netbook run leaner. You can deactivate programs for gaming, then switch them back on when done. EG: I switch off torrenting and boinc science crunching while gaming, then turn them on when done. I’ve used my s10 netbook to install Oracle and SQL Server db’s. I’ve ran Far Cry (1) on it (stripped down, but still…) It’s entertaining to see what it can do.

  3. admin Says:

    Fantastic post!

    Some good tips there for all netbook games

  4. Asus 1001PX Says:

    thank you , I will try all those things , and if it will work I will comment here

  5. Yams Says:

    I visit this site because, obviously, I wanted to find games that would run decently on my netbook. I already knew about Minecraft, but I read a lot of posts saying that netbooks aren’t powerful enough to run it, and I certainly didn’t want to spend $15 on a game that would be near-impossible for me to play. From what it sounds like, this still seems to be the case somewhat.

    This post could be very misleading in that regard, and I have to thank “blah blah” (above) for clarifying that you need a good amount of RAM, need to overclock, turn down graphics settings, etc. to make the game run more smoothly. Still not buying Minecraft, though.

  6. admin Says:

    Hi Yams

    Yes, if your running a GMA GFX card then this game will struggle. My ION based kit manage to play Minecraft. But the lower end Netbooks will indeed struggle.

  7. Jake Says:

    I have an asus 1015px dual core n570 1.66 ghz proccecer GMA 3150 gfx card and i really want to play minecraft.I know it probly wont run 1.8 if it can can someone comment and tell me.If not,is there a way to downgrade the version?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Minecraft does not support multiple processors, so set its affinity in task manager to only use one core. This made my fps jump from 15-25 to 40-60 quad core gaming desktop.

  9. admin Says:

    Usefull tip, thanks!

    Any any joy using this on a multi-core CPU?

  10. Dan Says:

    I’m running a standard Samsung NC11O: 1GB RAM, Intel DVMT 4.0 graphics card. What do you reckon on it running well with 1.9. Plus do you know if you can have it installed on one account running on two computers, because I have a nice Desktop which would run it in a breeze but Minecraft would be a perfect thing for long journeys, playing the game mainly on Desktop and then just being able to at least access and play to some standard on Netbook.

  11. John Says:

    I have an eMachines EM250 and I get about 13-18 fps. I use game booster, the simple craft texture pack, and a graphics mod called opti fine.

  12. admin Says:

    Good call John, its a tricky on Minecraft, some Netbooks are struggling with it, while others cope quite well!

  13. Alium Says:

    This is what happens when a group of total morons see a game like minecraft and “assume” “Der this game has simple crappy graphics Der it’s oldschool, I bet it runs on anything” without doing any research and prolly not knowing jack about software and hardware aside from some basics, and then go off to post stupid things like “DER MINECRAFT FOR NETBOOKS GUYZ” Sheesh
    Just take this post down idiots Minecraft really isn’t going to run well on netbooks and by well I mean 50-60 fps steady. Though I would settle for at least 30fps steady to be considered playable.

  14. admin Says:

    Thanks, Alium, for your pleasant and considered post.

    As the copy says above, there are issues running Minecraft on Netbooks, not least being the graphics card and RAM you are using. Runs fine on my ION equiped Acer, however it struggles on less powerfull GFX cards.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Try use Gma booster if you have a GMA graphics card, it boosted for fps from 7-12 to 25+! though if you use rendering distance far it will still be at 10 fps, better than using ‘tiny’ without GMA!

  16. milsorgen Says:

    @blah blah

    >With all said and done, I can eek out 6-8 fps on normal view setting, even in MC 1.8.

    > I have yet to experiment with OC’ing (since there’s debate on whether it will actually make that big of a difference).

    You’d be lucky to get a 10-15% performance boost OC’ing any device and even if it translated straight across to frame rate, what’s 10-15% 6-8…. Exactly.

  17. bob Says:

    hi i have an acer 5100 and when i play the free classic minecraft i only get 4fp and it only works if i have the fog to full so any help? i also have only 1024mb of RAM i want to get the full version but im scared if it will be a wast since i cant run classical properly.

  18. TylerBates Says:

    how do you get minecraft onto a netbook?

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