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Plants vs Zombies

PlantsVZombies pocap goodness on your netbook and laptopF4LL0UT knows his games, and this one is simply superb! “While I’m not a fan of tower defense games in general, I instantly fell in love with this one. Zombies are invading your house and your plants are your main defense. Bigger hordes of more and more dangerous zombies demand cunning tactics and a wise choice of plants. Unlike most tower defense games this one has a very clever system of special zombies that can only be harmed in a certain way and also comes along with a an interesting way of gathering ressources. And a lot of randomness along with special plants that can be used rarely but have a chance of saving your ass in really grave situations make this game a very intense and dramatic experience. A whole bunch of minigames are further expanding the game, offering many many hours of fun.”

You don’t have to do anything: The game runs smoothly unless the whole screen is filled with your plants’ bullets and even then it remains perfectly playable. I recommend buying the game on STEAM as it comes along with STEAM achievements.
Hardware:Lenovo IdeaPad S10e


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The music in this game is really fantastic!

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